At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we are committed to promoting Reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and our community. At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we demonstrate our commitment through the implementation of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our Vision for Reconciliation

At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we value and respect Australia’s First Peoples, their histories, past traditions and recognise them as the Traditional Custodians of the Land. We honour the richness of diversity amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and will continue to treat each other with respect, equally and equitably in our community.

We make a promise to nurture and encourage a deep respect and interest in learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and individual traditions of all people past, present and future.
We will choose kindness in our approach and help the children to foster their development of empathy and the choice of forgiveness and genuine acceptance for all.

We foresee a reconciled Australia by encouraging this kindness and acceptance and will challenge unfairness and injustice, so that one day ‘reconciliation’ is a goal of the past and we are all living together in this land in harmony.

Our Incursions with Tim from ‘Girri Girra Aboriginal Experiences’

We are fortunate enough to have Tim from Girri Girra Aboriginal Experiences visit KCK frequently across the year. Tim is a big part of our KCK Community and we feel privileged to have been invited to events in our local community including art exhibitions, corroborees, guided walks at Bouddi National Park and Full Moon ceremonies.

Reconciliation Week at KCK 2020

This year at KCK our children and educators have engaged in a variety of activities in line with Reconciliation week. At Morning Yarn we have been discussing how we can be kind to others, what the colours of the flags represent and why we say our Acknowledgment to Country each morning.

Visit Narragunnawali for more information on Reconciliation Action Plans!