Our Philosophy

At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we understand the level of trust families place in us when they enrol their child. We believe each child is unique, bringing with them their own interests, beliefs, characteristics, attitudes, knowledge and skills. We respect and appreciate the uniqueness of all children. A child’s opinion, initiative and perspective are always valued within our service. It is our goal to support child through the ongoing process of growth and change as they develop a sense of wellness and well-being.

Partnership with Families and the Community

At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we have an ‘Open Door’ policy, welcoming families into the centre at all times, to encourage each child and their family to feel welcome and comfortable within the service. We believe that family is the most important and influential aspect in the lives of children and the significance of their relationships cannot be underestimated. We strive to develop positive, mutually respectful relationships with each family, taking into consideration all cultural and religious diversity. Families are encouraged to participate and share their ideas, culture and talents with the children and Educators. We endeavour to incorporate each child’s individual culture throughout all areas of the program. We provide a service that respects and shows sensitivity to diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds. We respect, acknowledge, appreciate and accept diversity within our community. Our service will embrace, celebrate and share Aboriginal culture and cultures from around the world throughout our program. We believe that children belong to their family, culture, neighbourhood and wider community. We regularly take our Butterfly Group children out for excursions into our local community. We feel children benefit from discussion around safety outside the service environment. We strive to be seen as a service of excellence within our community. We utilise community resources effectively to enhance and support the growth and development of individual children, families, and Educators.

Our Educators

We are committed to working together as a team of highly trained and experienced Educators, to ensure the highest quality of Education and Care for each child. We, at all times, adhere to a professional code of ethical conduct that recognises and respects the views, values and rights of all children, families & Educators. We value and are responsive to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning. We aim to create an environment of trust and respect where we work towards achieving a shared goal.

Our Educational Program and Curriculum

We feel that a meaningful, integrated curriculum, using the Early Years Learning Framework, is the most beneficial to children’s learning across all developmental areas. A curriculum in which children are active participants and collaborators allows for a more individualistic and meaningful involvement by the children. We believe that children learn many life skills through play and we recognise the value and importance of play in children’s learning and development. We believe children learn from the information presented to them by the significant adults in their lives. Therefore, our programs reflect both child initiated, and teacher directed, planned and spontaneous experiences which are designed to support children’s development in all areas. We encourage children’s learning by observing and documenting the children’s progress and plan enriching experiences accordingly, to foster the children’s interests.

We implement a comprehensive School Preparation Program. This program is planned and evaluated weekly to suit each child’s individual abilities, as well as that of the overall group. School Preparation focuses on children developing resilience and the social skills needed to adapt successfully into the Primary School system. Exploration of numeracy and literacy are integrated throughout the regular program and within the School Preparation Program daily.


We believe children are connected to the natural world and as Educators we like to support children in their understanding of the world around them. We believe we have a responsibility to present a positive approach to the environment and the importance of sustainability, embedding sustainable practices into our everyday routine.


At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we believe that children are tomorrow’s adults and need nurturing, love and guidance to help them grow into independent, secure and positive human beings. We truly believe that our philosophy is embedded in everything we do at KCK!