Dental Check- March

This year we are introducing a free dental check for all children in our care (who qualify under the guidelines). The dentist will come along to our service to check the children’s teeth and discuss dental education.

Photo Week- April

Each year around April the photographer arrives at Kindy to take professional photos of the children. These are available for the parents to purchase if they wish.

Mummy & Me Picnic- May

Each year at Karalta Cottage Kindy we invite our Mums or a special friend to join us for a picnic. The children are excited to show their Mums around their kindy creating paintings together and participating in a fun photo booth before enjoying a picnic and a play.

Reptile Show- July

Each year we have a visit from Bob Turner the Reptile Man. Bob brings with him a variety of reptiles, the children are encourage to hold and look at the various animals. Bob talks to the children about the animals including snakes, lizards etc and learn a little bit about...

STEPS eye screening- August

Each year STEPS eye screening visit our Kindy to check four year old children’s eye sight. The screening takes place at Kindy and is a free government service. Reports are given to parents.

Daddy & Me Breakfast- September

Each year at Karalta Cottage Kindy we invite our Dads or a special friends to join us for a breakfast BBQ. The breakfast starts really early so Dads can still get to work after breakfast. The children enjoy breakfast with their Dads and a play at kindy.

Grandparents Morning Tea- October

Each year at Karalta Cottage Kindy we invite our Grandparents or special older friends to visit Kindy. The children are excited to show their Grandparents around Kindy, creating paintings together, participating in a fun Photo Booth before enjoying Morning Tea together.

Henny Penny Chicken Hatching- November

Each year Henny Penny chickens deliver a dozen eggs to Kindy. The children are educated on the life cycle of the chicks as we watch them hatch and grow over two weeks. Everyone has the opportunity to hold and care for the chicks.