Centre Information


Karalta Cottage Kindergarten is a 29-place centre caring for children from 2 to 6 years.

Hours of Operation

Karalta Cottage Kindergarten is open Monday to Friday, 8a.m. to 5:30p.m.

The centre is open 50 weeks of the year, and closes for two weeks over the Christmas break.

The centre is also closed on Public Holidays.

Educational Program

At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten (KCK) we believe our children learn through their play experiences. This is an integral part of our philosophy and underpins our teaching and learning programs and practices. Our skilled Educators aim to create meaningful environments through the selection of appropriate resources for all children in our care. Our program decisions are strongly connected to the children’s learning, with information gathered through comprehensive individual observations on each child. Observations are used to incorporate children’s interests, skills and varying capabilities into our program, promoting ample opportunities for children to learn through play. At KCK the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework is embedded into our centre philosophy and program. We promote an overall sense of being, belonging and becoming for all children. By recognising children as individuals each with their own set of current interests, abilities, backgrounds and strengths Educators encourage children to develop their sense of identity. As Educators we encourage children to develop their identity and understanding of the world around them through their engagement with the program at KCK

Our School Readiness/Preparation Program

At Karalta Cottage Kindergarten we have developed a comprehensive “Big School” preparation program which begins when your child turns 4 regardless of whether they will go to school the following year or not. The aim of our program is to help your child develop in all areas necessary for success now and in later years.

Each day we have a separate time during the day where children 4 years or older will be encouraged to participate in a classroom experience similar to Big School. One of our centre’s teaching educators will conduct an experience with these children to develop their skills in numeracy, literacy, personal, social and physical development. The centre incorporates the ‘Letter Land’ program which is taught in local schools and is highly recommended by expert Early childhood educators.

We also cover areas of The NSW Board of Studies Early stage 1 syllabus incorporating subjects English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Human Society and its Environment, Creative Arts and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Our school readiness program focuses on the children’s interests as well as practising some skills that are beneficial to the transition to school and include (but are not limited to!) letter/shape/number recognition, pencil and scissor grips, pro-social behaviours and inclusion, phonics/sounds/letter land activities, group games that promote turn-taking and sharing, counting, comprehension, independence and experiences that promote positive self-esteem and emotional development


Karalta Cottage Kindergarten strives to be an inclusive centre, where all children are cared for, while also respecting developmental, cultural and religious variances. Educators maintain respect for children and help them to feel dignified, confident and secure, this is evident through Educators interactions with children and children’s interaction with their peers. Each child’s rights are respected and preserved through attitudes, treatment, interactions and the promotion of equality and individualised care. Children who have additional needs are supported at the centre and communication between Educators and the child’s family are open with a consistent approach used to support the child. Educators work together as a team to communicate, share ideas and develop strategies to manage children’s behaviours and work on developing individual child’s behaviour management plans.

Make-Up Days

Karalta Cottage Kindergarten is one of the few Early Childhood Service that offers ‘Make Up Days’. Families are requested to notify us when their child/children are sick or away from our service to receive a make-up day. All fees must be up to date to be eligible for a make-up day. Educators will arrange a make-up day to fill a spot when another child is away. Make up days that are not used in the calendar year are forfeited at the end of the year.


Parents are invoiced on a fortnightly basis, with accounts sent out via email. Accounts are payable via IPAY and must be kept one week in advance.

Enrolment Process

Parents wishing to enrol at Karalta Cottage Kindergarten are encouraged to come and inspect the centre and talk with the Director and the Educators. It is important to us, that families feel completely secure and comfortable about the setting in which their child will be cared for.

To enrol, the following documentation will be required:

  • Completed enrolment form
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation History Statement

The enrolment process will be completed on receipt of documentation, along with bond and administration fee.